Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2020/1245 20 Grayingham Road, Kirton in Lindsey, DN21 4EL Application for determination of the requirement for prior approval of a household extension 31 Jul 20 Not yet determined PA/2020/1149 23 Windmill Way, Kirton in Lindsey, DN21 4FE Planning permission to extend raised patio area, re-locate steps and install safety balustrade and to replace kitchen window with bi-fold doors to rear of dwelling 27 Jul 20 Not yet determined PA/2020/1238 Westfield, Gainsborough Road, Kirton In Lindsey, DN21 4EN Planning permission to remove condition 4 of 7/441/86 to allow unrestricted occupation of the dwelling 16 Jul 20 Not yet determined PA/2020/1000 18 Station Road, Kirton In Lindsey, DN21 4BB Application to undertake pruning works on an Ash, identified as T1 within and protected by Tree Preservation (Kirton in Lindsey) Order 1972 26 Jun 20 Not yet determined PA/2020/588 Land north of Ings Road, Kirton in Lindsey Outline planning permission for residential development, open space and associated infrastructure (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for subsequent consideration) 30 Mar 20 Not yet determined PA/2019/493 The Elms, 33 Moat House Road, Kirton In Lindsey, DN21 4DD Planning permission for change of use of barn to residential dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) 18 Mar 19 Not yet determined 7/1982/0010 Plot adjacent to Broadgate, South Cliff Road, Kirton, Application for approval of detailed particulars relating to the siting, design and external appearance, means of access, landscaping of a detached, three bedroom bungalow 1 Jan 82 Not yet determined