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Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2022/1702 Land South Of, Moorwell Road, Yaddlethorpe, Bottesford Application to modify/discharge the S106 Agreement attached to PA/2019/1782 relating to the request for contributions be removed for viability reasons 21 Sep 22 PA/2022/1628 Land South Of, Moorwell Road, Yaddlethorpe, Bottesford Application for approval of reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to outline application PA/2019/1782 dated 03/04/2020 for a residential development of up to 200 dwellings - AMENDED DOCUMENTS - Landscape Masterplan, Materials Plan and Site Layout Plan 16 Sep 22 PA/2022/1643 Mill Farm, North Street, West Butterwick, DN17 3JW Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed change of use from agricultural land to sui generis for the installation of three EV charging points and associated parking and works 8 Sep 22 PA/2022/1758 Composting Site, Bonby Lane, Bonby, DN20 0QN Planning permission for the retention of existing offices with extension, proposed welfare building, tank farm, biofilter with pipeline to main building, fence and gates to front boundary, bund adjacent front boundary and compound with maintenance building, office, storage containers and surrounding fence 8 Sep 22 PA/SCO/2022/11 Redfearn House, High Street, North Kelsey LN7 6EA EIA Scoping request for the A46 Newark Bypass 7 Sep 22 PA/2022/1614 49 North Street, Crowle, DN17 4NE Planning permission to erect two-storey extension & erection of replacement outbuilding, including demolition of existing outbuilding 6 Sep 22 PA/2022/1533 Rainham Steel, Mannaberg Way, Scunthorpe, DN15 8XF Planning permission to extend existing overhead cranes, create concrete access road, diversion of ditch and associated works - NEW DOCUMENTS - Proposed Part Site Plan, Proposed Ditch Sections and Proposed Ditch Chainage Reference Plan & Existing Sections 5 Sep 22 PA/2022/1594 Adem House, West End Road, Epworth, DN9 1LA Planning permission for proposed outbuilding to create gym/office 5 Sep 22 PA/2022/1586 Elsham House, Brigg Road, Wrawby, DN20 8RH Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance and landscaping) pursuant to outline application PA/2021/1850 dated 11/02/2022 for a detached dwelling and garage on plot 1 1 Sep 22 PA/SCO/2022/9 Redfearn House, High Street, North Kelsey LN7 6EA EIA scoping request for the Immingham Green Energy Terminal 31 Aug 22 PA/2022/946 Sandhouse Farm, Broughton Road, Appleby, DN15 0DA Planning permission for change of use of piggery buildings to storage and distribution - AMENDED DOCUMENT - Noise Impact Assessment and Comments - Noise Impact Assessment 26 Aug 22 PA/2022/1549 Stanmore Lodge, Belton Road, Sandtoft, DN8 5SX Application for the approval of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) pursuant to outline permission PA/2021/1634 dated 09/06/2022 for the erection of 4 dwellings 25 Aug 22 PA/2022/1527 Netherhaven, 34 Nethergate, Westwoodside, DN9 2DL Planning permission to vary condition 1 of PA/2018/2171 namely to erect a detached garage (in place of an attached garage), to extend the property to the rear and to increase the eaves height of the dwelling 22 Aug 22 PA/2022/1505 North Grange Farm, Access Roads To North Grange Farm, Burringham, DN17 2AD Planning permission for change of use from agricultural to light industry, storage and distribution (Use Classes B2 and B8) 18 Aug 22 PA/2022/1223 Land To The North, Humber Road, South Killingholme Hybrid application comprising full planning permission for the construction of a hardstanding area for external level storage with landscaping, drainage, access and associated works, and outline planning permission to erect 26,096m² floor space for industrial/storage and distribution, (Use Class B2/Use Class B8) including ancillary offices (Use Class E) with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for subsequent consideration - UPDATED DOCS: DRAINAGE STRATEGY HABITAT REGULATIONS ASSESSMENT 18 Aug 22 PA/2022/1478 Land Adjacent 30, High Street, Burton Upon Stather Application to vary condition 2 of PA/2019/1839 namely to change double garage to triple garage - AMENDED PLAN - Proposed Block Plan, Garage Elevations, Floor & Roof Plans (Rev C) 17 Aug 22 PA/2022/1498 Swinster House, Swinster Lane, East Halton, DN40 3NR Planning permission to erect a detached dwelling, with garage and new vehicular access 17 Aug 22 Not Yet Determined PA/2022/1499 1 Gooseacre, Messingham, DN17 3TY Planning permission to erect a single-storey rear extension & associated works 17 Aug 22 PA/2022/1325 Car Boot Sale Site, Slate House Farm, Unnamed Road Between Holme And Messingham, Holme, DN16 3RE Planning permission to renew temporary planning permission (PA/2017/888, condition 1) 5 years time limit for use of the land as a market 12 Aug 22 PA/2022/1458 The Beeches, Northfield Lane, Amcotts, DN17 4AH Planning permission for change of use of disused barn to residential dwelling - NEW DOCUMENT - Contamination Assessment: Screening Assessment Form 10 Aug 22 Not Yet Determined