Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2024/579 83 Glover Road, Scunthorpe, DN17 1AU Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed larger home extension 24 May 24 PA/2024/558 67 Peveril Avenue, Scunthorpe, DN17 1BG Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed larger home extension 17 May 24 PA/2024/371 Starbucks, Kingsway, Scunthorpe, DN17 1AH Advertisement consent for one internally illuminated 9m tall double-sided totem sign, one internally illuminated 255mm Starbucks wordmark sign, one internally illuminated 305mm Starbucks wordmark sign, two internally illuminated 1,500mm diameter Starbucks siren roundel signs and two sets of drive thru lettering 16 May 24 PA/2024/500 37 Beechway, Scuthorpe, DN16 2HF Application to reduce height by 5m to leave a height of 10m, to reduce width by 3m to leave a width of 9m and for a crown lift of 2.5m to two hawthorns identified as T132 and T133 in and subject to Tree Preservation (Lincoln Gardens No 2) Order 1989 1 May 24 PA/2024/507 9 Alvingham Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 2DP Application to crown lift a cherry plum identified as T34 and a snowy Mespilus identified as T35 in and subject to Tree Preservation (Lincoln Gardens No 2) Order 1989 1 May 24 PA/2024/521 51 Hamilton Road, SCUNTHORPE, DN17 1BD Planning permission to erect single-storey rear extension 30 Apr 24 PA/2024/468 377 Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 2RT Planning permission for replacement single storey rear extension and other external alterations 26 Apr 24 PA/2024/461 64 West Common Lane, Scunthorpe, DN17 1DU Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed use for loft conversion with rear dormer and front rooflights 25 Apr 24 PA/2024/471 Woodlands, Lincolnshire House Association, Brumby Wood Lane, Scunthorpe, DN17 1AF Application to fell two English elm identified as T005 and T006 in application, remove partially failed common ash limb to clear footpath identified as T007 in the application, and fell four common ash identified as T001, T002, T003 and T004 in the application all within Group W1 and subject to Tree Preservation (Scunthorpe) Order 2014 18 Apr 24 PA/2024/379 11 PAVILION GARDENS, SCUNTHORPE, DN17 1AW Application to reduce height of 2 cherry plum trees, identified as T31 and T32, by approximately 2.5m, subject to and within Brumby Wood Lane No.2 Tree Preservation Order 1992 27 Mar 24 PA/2024/181 Grafton House Care Home, 157 Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 2AQ Planning permission for change of use of building to form guest house (Use Class C1) 4 Mar 24 PA/2024/91 18, Revesby Avenue, Scunthorpe, DN16 2DJ Application to fell and remove a laburnum tree, identified as T199 in and subject to Tree Preservation (Lincoln Gardens No.2) Order 1989 25 Jan 24 PA/2024/54 3 Brumby House Drive, Scunthorpe, DN16 2DE Application to fell an ash tree, identified as T19, subject to and within Old Brumby Street Tree Preservation Order 1983 16 Jan 24 PA/2023/1974 16 Westcliff Gardens, Scunthorpe, DN17 1DT Application to prune a weeping willow tree identified as T1 in and subject to Tree Preservation (Westcliff Gardens/Belvedere Drive) Order 1984 22 Dec 23 21 Feb 24
PA/2023/1906 187 Apple, Atm, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 2AQ To fell 2 sycamore trees, identified as T1 and T2, subject to and within Ashby Road Tree Preservation Order 1983 8 Dec 23 PA/2021/2109 FORMER SCUNTHORPE COMMUNITY WELLBEING HUB, ALVINGHAM ROAD, SCUNTHORPE, DN16 2DP Application for determination of the requirement of prior approval for the proposed demolition of buildings 26 Nov 21 27 May 22
Approve with Conditions
PA/2020/1120 24 Devonshire Road, Scunthorpe, DN17 1ES Planning permission to erect prefabricated garage & fencing 21 May 21 PA/2021/87 103 Stockshill Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 2LF Planning application to vary condition 2 of PA/2017/766 to carry out alterations to extensions and addition of dormer window to front elevation 11 Feb 21