Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2023/1503 TELECOMMUNICATION MAST, ULCEBY ROAD, SOUTH KILLINGHOLME, IMMINGHAM, DN40 3JB Application for prior notification of proposed development for the removal of an existing 17.5m lattice mast and associated compound, and the installation of a replacement base station which includes a 30m lattice sharable mast, 6 no. of antennas, 2 no. dishes, 7 no. cabinets and other ancillary development 21 Sep 23 PA/2023/1494 Land between Nasza Chata and Fairlawns, Jericho Lane, East Halton, IMMINGHAM, DN40 3PZ Planning permission to erect a two-storey house and detached double garage 19 Sep 23 PA/2023/1251 2, Lindsey House, Church Lane, Ulceby, DN39 6TB Application to prune a sycamore, identified as T11, subject to and within Tree Preservation (St Nicholas, Ulceby) Order 1984 18 Sep 23 PA/2023/1240 The Grange, Skitter Road, East Halton, DN40 3PX Prior approval for the proposed demolition of a brick-built asbestos-sheeted shed, three brick built stables, old tack room with tiled roof and to clear span asbestos covered yard 18 Sep 23 PA/2023/1530 Methodist Chapel, Town Street, South Killingholme, DN40 3EN Non-material amendment of PA/2022/664 namely to revise internal walls, erect small porch to flat 4, re-locate entrance to flat 4 to the eastern side, replacement roof & omit roof lights, rear doors to be installed in replace of windows to flat 3 and erect a fence to the rear 11 Sep 23 PA/2023/1428 Hacienda Range, Coronation Road, Ulceby, DN39 6SX Outline planning permission to erect a pair of semi-detached dwellings and a pair of detached garages and associated parking with appearance reserved for subsequent consideration (including demolition of existing timber dwelling) 7 Sep 23 PA/2023/1491 Almond Grove, Mill Lane, East Halton, DN40 3QA Planning permission for rear extensions to form bedroom extension and additional living space. 31 Aug 23 PA/2023/1291 Wharfedale, Church Lane, Ulceby, DN39 6TB Planning application to vary condition 2 (plans condition) of PA/2021/1656 dated 10/11/2021 to allow first floor extension and enlarged two-storey extension to the front of previously approved dwelling, together with associated external alterations. 31 Aug 23 PA/2023/1489 Parbola, Thornton Road, Goxhill, Barrow upon Humber DN19 7HN Proposed New Dwelling and Garage 30 Aug 23 PA/2023/1449 Fairholme, Elm Lane, Goxhill, DN19 7JU Planning permission to erect a garage 25 Aug 23 PA/2023/1326 land adjacent to 9 Thornton Road, Goxhill, DN19 7HN Outline planning permission to erect eight dwellings with all matters reserved for subsequent consideration 24 Aug 23 PA/2023/722 Sycamore Cottage Camping Site, Soff Lane, Goxhill, DN19 7NA Planning permission for change of use in order to site five static caravan pitches 24 Aug 23 PA/2023/1327 land adjacent to 1 Thornton Road, Goxhill, DN19 7HN Outline planning permission for the erection of 9 dwellings with all matters reserved for subsequent approval 23 Aug 23 PA/2023/1342 land adjacent 4 Thornton Road, Wootton, Ulceby, DN39 6SJ Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following outline approval PA/2020/1746 dated 26/02/2021 for the erection of four dwellings, including demolition of existing dilapidated barn 23 Aug 23 PA/2023/1433 Church of Saint Denys, Church Lane, North Killingholme, IMMINGHAM DN40 3JJ Planning permission for change of use to the land adjoining St Denys Church, North Killingholme 21 Aug 23 PA/2023/1405 Hardys Barn, High Street, Barrow Upon Humber, DN19 7AA Planning permission to erect wooden slatted boundary fencing 18 Aug 23 PA/2023/1426 LAND OFF FERRY ROAD, BARROW UPON HUMBER Planning permission to erect 74 dwellings including associated garages, access roads & public open space. 17 Aug 23 PA/2023/1406 Homelands, Pitmoor Lane, Ulceby, DN39 6SW Planning permission for the demolition of an exisitng prefab concrete bungalow and the erection of a two-storey replacement dwelling house. 17 Aug 23 PA/2023/1400 4, Worsley Paddock, Ulceby, DN39 6UU Planning permission to convert an existing garage into a habitable room 10 Aug 23 PA/2023/1272 Hardale, Spruce Lane, Ulceby, DN39 6UL Application to vary condition 2 of PA/2019/1734 dated 11/12/2019 as design has changed 4 Aug 23