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Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2022/1895 Equestrian Centre, Poultry Farm, Holmes Lane, Winterton, DN15 9UF Planning permission for the change of use of barn 2 to a sports club/kickboxing club including land for parking 24 May 23 PA/2022/1897 Equestrian Centre, Poultry Farm, Holmes Lane, Winterton, DN15 9UF Planning permission for the change of use of land, barns and other buildings to equestrian use including commercial riding lessons 24 May 23 PA/2023/688 Crosby Equestrian, Neap House Road, Gunness, DN15 8TX Planning application to demolish existing dwellings & erect 2 replacement dwellings 23 May 23 PA/2023/1005 Nice One, 1 Back Lane, Winteringham, DN15 9NW Notice of intention to remove several conifers growing mainly as perimeter hedges, two elder and a privet hedge within Winteringham's conservation area 16 May 23 PA/2023/819 Marsh Farm, Marsh Lane, Winteringham, DN15 9PA Application under the Overhead Lines (Exemption) (England & Wales) Regulations 2009 to underground four spans of overhead line 10 May 23 PA/2023/813 20 Silver Street, Winteringham, DN15 9ND Notice of intention to remove 2 fir trees and a poplar, all within Winteringham's Conservation Area. 5 May 23 PA/2023/759 20 Marmion, School Road, Winteringham, DN15 9NL Planning permission to erect a replacement outbuilding 2 May 23 PA/2023/800 29 Walker Drive, Winterton, DN15 9PW Application for determination of the requirement for prior approval for a householder extension 2 May 23 PA/2023/159 The Old Post Office, Front Street, Alkborough, DN15 9JW Planning permission to replace windows, door and install wrought iron fencing & gates 24 Apr 23 PA/2023/328 50-52 PARK STREET, WINTERTON, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9UA Planning permission for conversion of a car showroom to a pair of semi-detached dwellings with associated access works 17 Apr 23 PA/2023/618 112 Northlands Road, Winterton, DN15 9UN Planning permission to erect a two-storey & single storey extension to the rear and a single storey extension to the front of the dwelling 27 Mar 23 PA/2023/274 Village Hall, Frost Close, Winteringham, DN15 9PL Planning permission to erect single-storey extensions to to the front and rear to form an additional store and meeting room 23 Mar 23 PA/2023/697 The Tustings, 120 North Street, Winterton, DN15 9QN Planning permission for an outbuilding for recreational use to main house 22 Mar 23 PA/2023/381 Mill House, 17 High Burgage, Winteringham, DN15 9NE Planning permission to erect a two-storey rear extension 16 Mar 23 PA/2023/335 14 Moor Lodge, Meggitt Lane, Winteringham, DN15 9NY Planning permission for balcony to rear 7 Mar 23 PA/2023/314 Hunters Moon, Whitton Road, Alkborough, DN15 9JG Planning permission to erect a first-floor front extension and a two-storey front extension and carry out external alterations (resubmission of PA/2022/1931). 3 Mar 23 PA/2023/257 35 Holme Drive, Burton Upon Stather, DN15 9DA Planning permission for single storey side and rear, and first floor extensions, (re-submission of PA/2022/2004) 22 Feb 23 PA/2023/386 Ogg Farm, Composition Lane, Winteringham, DN15 9ND Hazardous substance consent to store 36 tonnes of propane gas within storage tanks ADDITIONAL SUPPORTING INFORMATION 21 Feb 23 PA/2023/137 Southdale, Cross Lane, Alkborough, DN15 9JL Planning permission to erect extension to existing garage to create garden room 15 Feb 23 PA/2023/144 Pale Close, Sand Pit Lane, Alkborough, DN15 9JG Planning permission to erect a new detached dwellinghouse (including demolition of existing barn) - ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT - Preliminary Environmental Risk Assessment 2 Feb 23