Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2024/414 The Coach House, Old Barn Lane, Roxby, Scunthorpe, DN15 0DJ Planning permission for the conversion of The Coach House to a residential dwelling 18 Apr 24 PA/2024/454 THE OLD SHOP, FRONT STREET, ALKBOROUGH, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9JW Planning permission to erect replacement garage/outbuilding, including demolition of existing garage/outbuilding 18 Apr 24 PA/2024/444 99 NORTHLANDS ROAD, WINTERTON, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9UL Planning permission to erect a detached garage/tractor shed, including demolition of existing barn 12 Apr 24 PA/2024/353 60 WEST STREET, WINTERTON, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9QF Outline planning permission to erect a new dwelling with all matters reserved for subsequent consideration 5 Apr 24 PA/2024/389 Providence Cottage, Front Street, Alkborough, Scunthorpe, DN15 9JD Listed building consent to convert loft space including the addition of two dormers 28 Mar 24 PA/2024/314 Providence Cottage, Front Street, Alkborough, Scunthorpe, DN15 9JD Planning permission to convert loft space including the addition of two dormers 28 Mar 24 PA/2024/275 LODGE FARM, APPLEBY, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 0DB Extension of the existing wellsite to construct 3 well cellars, drill 2 additional lateral underground boreholes to appraise and develop the hydrocarbon resources from the penistone flags and ashover grit reservoirs, upgrade existing production facilities to include additional fluid storage tanks, separator system, surface pump and associated bunds, install gas processing equipment, construct a 600m underground gas pipeline and flow gas to the existing national grid pipeline and the long term production of oil and gas 26 Mar 24 PA/2024/332 Jasmine Barn, Sand Pit Lane, Alkborough, Scunthorpe, DN15 9FF Notice of intention to prune 27 leylandii conifer trees within Alkborough's conservation area 20 Mar 24 PA/2024/292 The Elms, 85 West End, Winteringham, Scunthorpe, DN15 9NR Notice of intention to remove two holly trees #8 and #9 and crown reduce a laurel #7 within Winteringham's conservation area 13 Mar 24 PA/2024/290 Former Flixborough Inn, High Street, Flixborough, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 8RL Planning permission to erect 9 dwellings 12 Mar 24 PA/2024/193 69 West Street, Winterton, Scunthorpe, DN15 9QG Notice of intention to prune a wild cherry within Winterton's conservation area 12 Mar 24 PA/2024/295 Kay Gee, Water Lane, Winterton, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9RR Planning permission for change of use of a paddock to domestic garden 12 Mar 24 PA/2024/266 113 Ferry Road West, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 8UG Planning permission to erect a single-storey rear extension and external alterations. 7 Mar 24 PA/2024/254 THE ELMS, 85 WEST END, WINTERINGHAM, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9NR Application to crown 2 holly trees, identified as 8 and 9, situated within Winteringham Conservation Area 7 Mar 24 PA/2024/261 3 Marris Drive, Winterton, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9UX Planning permission to erect first floor extension above garage 7 Mar 24 PA/2024/264 33 Tee Lane, Burton upon Stather, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9ED Planning permission to erect a single-storey rear and side extension and new roof over garage conversion 6 Mar 24 PA/2024/207 WALCOT OLD HALL, BURTON UPON STATHER ROAD, WALCOT, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9JT Planning permission to erect a wood framed green house in the the rear garden 4 Mar 24 PA/2024/234 Balmacara, Ings Lane, Whitton, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9LW Planning permission to erect a wooden gazebo 4 Mar 24 PA/2024/191 Townend Farm, 35 Silver Street, Winteringham, Scunthorpe, DN15 9ND Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed multi-purpose agricultural barn 20 Feb 24 PA/2024/163 Plot 17 Lysaghts Way, Normanby Enterprise Park, Scunthorpe, DN15 9YG Planning application to vary conditions 11, 13 and 14 of PA2021/1607 dated 07/09/2023 in order to amend the trigger points for when details relating to surface water drainage, foul drainage and a remediation strategy are to be submitted for consideration and approval by the local planning authority to enable other works to continue on the site 19 Feb 24