Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2021/951 Esso Service Station, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe, DN15 7DR Advertisement consent to display a replacement boundary sign 10 Aug 21 Not yet determined PA/2021/760 Barn Stable Court, Old Village Street, Gunness, DN15 8TW Planning permission for change of use of barn to dwelling house (re-submission of PA/2018/1569) 23 Apr 21 Not yet determined PA/2020/1295 access along B1450 to roundabout, Burringham Road, Scunthorpe Planning permission to construct and refurbish pedestrian footpath and cycle path along Burringham Road (B1450) and to undertake highway improvements to existing roundabout to increase traffic capacity - ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT - Planning Statement 4 Sep 20 Not yet determined PA/2020/574 M181 motorway north and south of Brumby Common Lane Bridge and west of the M181, Burringham, Ashby Parklands and Gunness Application for a non-material amendment following the grant of planning permission PA/2013/1002, relating to condition 11 26 Mar 20 Not yet determined PA/2019/1607 land south of Silica Lodge Garden Centre, Scotter Road South, Scunthorpe, DN17 2BN Planning permission to erect 88 dwellings with associated roads, drainage, service infrastructure and public open space (including demolition of existing agricultural buildings) 30 Sep 19 Not yet determined SCR/2019/8 land off Scotter Road South, Scunthorpe EIA screening request for a residential development 6 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/SCR/2018/6 Land north of Burringham Road, Ashby Parklands, Scunthorpe EIA Screening opinion relating to a proposed residential development 17 Apr 18 Not yet determined PA/2017/780 34 Old Village Street, Gunness, DN15 8TW Application for the requirement for prior approval of a household extension 16 May 17 Not yet determined