Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2019/1885 1 Haytons Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AP Notice of intention to fell a laburnum tree, situated within the Appleby conservation area 13 Nov 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1717 79 George Street, Broughton, DN20 0LE Planning permission to erect a two-storey and single-storey rear extensions, increase size of dormer window to front, erect canopy to front elevation and render the dwelling 4 Nov 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1876 45 Avenue Nozay, Broughton, DN20 0TR Application for determination of the requirement for prior approval of a household extension 31 Oct 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1810 8 School Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AN Planning permission to erect detached dwelling 28 Oct 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1612 The Barn, Old Hall Lane, Roxby, DN15 0BB Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Class C3) and for associated operational development 7 Oct 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1627 part of former playing field, Old Broughton Infant School, Brigg Road, Broughton, DN20 0JWD Planning permission to vary condition 2 of planning permission PA/2019/535 namely to amend plot 7's layout and elevations 2 Oct 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1588 The Post House, Risby Road, Low Risby, Roxby, DN15 0BX Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use as a dwelling without complying with agricultural occupancy condition of 8/383/77 19 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1502 Pig Unit, Lodge Farm, Clapp Gate, Appleby, DN15 0DB Planning permission to erect three livestock buildings (including removal of existing buildings) 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1374 Carrside Farm, Access Road To Carrside Farm, Appleby, DN15 0BZ Planning permission to erect a replacement dwelling and detached garage with living accommodation above (including demolition of farmhouse and outbuildings) 28 Aug 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1012 19 Birch Rise, South Street, Roxby, DN15 0BP Planning permission to erect a two-storey rear extension 24 Jun 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/897 10 Carr Lane, Appleby, DN15 0AH Planning permission to erect a single-storey side extension (including demolition of existing conservatory and part of boundary wall) 4 Jun 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/895 Old Farm, North Street, Roxby, DN15 0BL Planning permission to convert former agricultural barn to form a dwelling including associated works 15 May 19 Not yet determined PA/2018/2316 land off Burnside, Broughton, DN20 0HT Outline planning permission for up to 10 dwellings with all matters reserved for subsequent approval 19 Mar 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/147 land south of Mickleholme Farm, Access Road To Mickleholme Farm, Appleby, DN15 0AD Planning permission for storage lagoon for liquid organic waste 14 Mar 19 Not yet determined PA/2018/2160 Land at Common Plantation, Broughton Road, Appleby, DN15 0DA Planning permission for change of use of land to hold weddings and other events and to erect a temporary 30m x 12m marquee with associated car parking 16 Jan 19 Not yet determined PA/1998/0085 Westwood House, South View, Broughton, DN20 0EE Planning permission to erect a building and retain compound for use in joinery business and to park van and trailer used in such business. Also to erect extension to existing dwelling to provide day room, study, lobby and conservatory 22 Jan 98 Not yet determined 7/1982/0007 Brackenhill Farm, Scawby Road, Broughton, DN20 9LY Retain the use of existing farm buildings to light industry for the repair of horticultural machinery 18 Mar 80 Not yet determined