Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2024/641 22 Queen Street, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1HG Notification to fell an ash tree identified as T1 within Epworth's conservation area 28 May 24 PA/2024/513 Garden Centre, Belton Road, Epworth, DN9 1JL Planning permission for a mixed use development of commercial uses (Class E), health centre (Class E), education area (Class F1), landscaping and associated infrastructure following demolition of existing garden centre (Class E) 10 May 24 PA/2024/498 Market Cross, Market Place, Epworth Listed building consent for the refurbishment of the market cross 8 May 24 PA/2024/496 Tlc Handling Ltd, Sandtoft Road, Epworth, DN9 1LB Planning permission to vary condition 1 of PA/2021/1854 dated 16 December 2021 namely to increase the size of the extension 8 May 24 PA/2024/493 Tlc Handling Ltd, Sandtoft Road, Epworth, DN9 1LB Planning permission to vary condition 1 of PA/2021/1854 dated 16 December 2021 namely to increase the size of the extension 8 May 24 PA/2024/375 Turboteds, Carrhouse Road, Carrhouse, Belton, Doncaster, DN9 1PR Planning permission for a change of use of land to equestrian grazing and exercise for applicants personal use (Use Class F2(c)) 7 May 24 PA/2024/451 9 Massey Close, Epworth, DN9 1TN Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed larger home extension 7 May 24 PA/2024/523 43 Jeffrey Lane, Belton, DONCASTER, DN9 1LU Planning permission to erect a single-storey side extension to form annex 3 May 24 PA/2024/351 Liberty Group, Belton Road, Sandtoft, Doncaster, DN8 5SX Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed alteration of existing internal factory/storage space to provide an additional processing area and an all-weather seating area for product sampling relating to Don Valley Micro-brewery as part of the adjoining building and external replacement of the roller shutter door with a bi-folding door. 2 May 24 PA/2024/460 32 Tottermire Lane, Epworth, DONCASTER, DN9 1JR Planning permission to extend equestrian arena including associated works 1 May 24 PA/2024/434 78 High Street, Epworth, DONCASTER, DN9 1EP Planning permission to alter shop front and install external fire escape stairs 16 Apr 24 PA/2024/409 Field House, Burnham Road, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1BZ Planning permission to erect an 'L' shaped garage and car port 9 Apr 24 PA/2024/374 6 Carrside, Epworth, DONCASTER, DN9 1DX Planning permission to erect an extension to the front of the existing property and to increase the height of the pitched roof to allow for the conversion of the attic storey 5 Apr 24 PA/2024/336 Ninevah Farm, Idle Bank, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1LG Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to outline application PA/2022/1575 dated 10/02/2023 to erect a dwelling in connection with an agricultural business 4 Apr 24 29 May 24
PA/2024/402 Maw's Mill, Off Belton Road, Epworth Listed building consent to erect a beacon 2 Apr 24 PA/2024/269 War Memorial Field, Station Road, Epworth, DONCASTER, DN9 1JU Planning permission to erect a storage building and pergola 11 Mar 24 PA/2024/16 Wienerberger Ltd, Belton Road, Sandtoft, DN8 5SY Planning permission to relocate existing waste tile storage area to land west of the stock yard, clearance of willow tree plantation, formation of earth mound round perimeter of proposed storage area and the use of crushed tile to create a permeable surface for the storage area 4 Mar 24 PA/2024/212 Greenbank House, Stocks Hill, Church Town, Belton, DONCASTER, DN9 1PE Planning permission to erect a detached dwelling 28 Feb 24 PA/2024/205 Gables Yard, Belton Road, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1JL Application to remove an ash tree identified as T2 in the application and subject to Tree Preservation (Epworth No1 ) Order 1977 21 Feb 24 PA/2024/174 land at Sandtoft Industrial Estate, Doncaster, DN9 1PN Application for a lawful development certificate for existing operational development comprising of the construction of an area of hardstanding 19 Feb 24