Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2023/1881 Epworth Leisure Centre, Burnham Road, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1BZ Planning permission to replace roof and wall cladding, including removal of existing metal roof and existing metal wall cladding, installation of solar panel to roof of existing sports hall/leisure centre and reduce size bin store 29 Nov 23 PA/2023/1879 Epworth Leisure Centre, Burnham Road, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1BZ Application for a non-material amendment of PA/2022/1106 namely to erect sub-station, additional car-parking & alterations to the extension footprint 29 Nov 23 PA/2023/1843 Land At, Albion Hill, Epworth, DN9 1HF Application to cut back an oak tree, identified as T2, subject to and within Epworth Tree Preservation Order 2012 20 Nov 23 PA/2023/1812 Land adjacent 76 Westgate Road, Belton, DN9 1PZ Application for a non-material amendment to PA/2022/2117 dated 13/06/2023 for amendments to approved aperture sizes (reduced in most cases) and high level obscure-glazed windows added to the proposed boundary (east) elevation 14 Nov 23 PA/2023/1786 15 Burnham Road, Epworth, DN9 1BX Planning permission to erect extensions and carry out alterations to existing dwelling 9 Nov 23 PA/2023/1773 Lindholme Lakes, West Carr, Epworth, DN9 1LF Planning permission to extend existing retail building to form a gymnasium, swimming pool, treatment rooms and reception area 7 Nov 23 PA/2023/1719 123, Garage, Westgate Road, Westgate, Belton, DN9 1PY Planning permission to vary condition 1 of PA/2020/1413 (reserved matters) namely to amend the red line boundary and removal of 2 visitor spaces 6 Nov 23 PA/2023/1764 land rear of 4-6 Albion Grove, Epworth, DN9 1HF Planning permission to erect a wooden shed 6 Nov 23 PA/2023/1644 Hillcrest, 33 High Street, Epworth, DONCASTER, DN9 1EP Planning permission to erect two dwellings 3 Nov 23 PA/2023/1737 9 Church View Close, Church Town, Belton, DONCASTER, DN9 1PT Planning permission for demolition of an existing conservatory and the erection of a two storey extension 27 Oct 23 PA/2023/1604 123, Westgate Road, Westgate, Belton, DONCASTER, DN9 1PY Planning permission for change of use of landscaped and parking area, an associated detached garage and associated boundary treatments. 29 Sep 23 PA/2023/1466 45 High Street, Belton, Doncaster, DN9 1NR Planning permission for change of use from residential to mixed use of residential, and dog breeding and canine fertility clinic (resubmission of PA/2022/1269) 25 Sep 23 PA/2023/1567 55 Battle Green, Epworth, DN9 1JT Planning permission to erect a first-floor side and rear extension 25 Sep 23 PA/2023/1540 2 Cobblestone Court, Belton, DN9 1PF Planning permission to erect a two-storey side extension 13 Sep 23 PA/2023/1365 120, High Street, Epworth, DN9 1JS Planning permission to vary condition 2 of PA/2021/2119 namely to move relocate and re-design the dwelling, due to the location of existing SW drain 7 Sep 23 PA/2023/1440 Frog Hall, Idle Bank, Epworth, DN9 1LF Planning permission for the erection of a replacement dwelling. 22 Aug 23 PA/2023/1381 Garden Centre, Belton Road, Epworth, DN9 1JL Planning permission for a mixed use development consisting of 62 dwellings, commercial use, health centre, public open space, landscaping, and associated infrastructure, including demolition of existing garden centre 21 Aug 23 31 Oct 23
PA/2023/1435 Land R/O, Station Road, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1JY Planning permission to erect replacement agricultural building 21 Aug 23 PA/2023/1376 Carrhouse Cottage, Carrhouse Road, Carrhouse, Belton, DONCASTER DN9 1PG Demolition of existing former workers cottages Construction of 2 detached dwellings 16 Aug 23 PA/2023/1258 Sandtoft Gateway, Sandtoft Road, Westgate, Belton, DN9 1FA Planning permission to erect a storage and distribution unit 8 Aug 23