Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2015/0878 Grange Farm, Faulding Lane, South Killingholme, DN40 3EE Planning permission for the erection of an agricultural steel framed building as a general purpose building for the storage of straw and implements 13 Jul 15 10 Sep 15
PA/2015/0902 Land At, 1 Greengate Lane, South Killingholme, DN40 3HB Planning permission to erect a detached dwelling 10 Jul 15 23 Sep 15
PA/2015/0671 38 Garden Village, North Killingholme, DN40 3JR Planning permission to erect two dwellings with associated vehicular access 12 Jun 15 23 Sep 15
PA/2015/0724 Former Site Of Cross Keys Inn, 6 Top Road, South Killingholme, DN40 3JD Planning permission to erect 12 affordable dwellings 9 Jun 15 16 Dec 15
Full Planning Permission with conditions
PA/2015/0554 Homeland, Humber Road, South Killingholme, DN40 3BY Planning permission for change of use of property from former fish and chip shop to residential 29 May 15 24 Jul 15
PA/2015/0464 The Surgery, Town Street, South Killingholme, DN40 3DA Planning permission for change of use of garden land to provide additional parking for temporary period of 3 years 15 May 15 9 Jul 15
PA/2015/0576 Alphatrans, Humber Road, South Killingholme, DN40 3DL Advertisement consent to display two non-illuminated signs 7 May 15 2 Jul 15
PA/2015/0398 Land West Of Power Station, North Killingholme, Planning permission for a cable route amendment as an alternative to the current route where it connects to the existing National Grid substation at North Killingholme 5 May 15 16 Oct 15
PA/2015/0204 Poplar Farm, Ulceby Road, South Killingholme, DN40 3JB Planning permission to demolish existing structures, retention of farm shop and erection of new buildings, and use of the site as a materials recycling facility, including the provision of a waste transfer station and realigned access 12 Mar 15 29 Jul 15
PA/2015/0187 Hubblestrop Cottage, Access To Sand Vale Farm Off C223, Holme, DN16 3RF Planning permission for single storey extension increase the ridge height to facilitate loft conversion 26 Feb 15 23 Apr 15
PA/2015/0114 Storage Land, Raventhorpe Lodge, Access Road In Raventhorpe Lodge Depot, Holme, DN16 3RJ Planning permission to install standalone solar photovoltaic modules and associated infrastructure including underground electric cable connection to national grid along A18 and A1029 12 Feb 15 5 Dec 16
Appeal Allowed
PA/2015/0040 Killingholme Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Habrough Road, South Killingholme, DN40 3QG Planning permission to erect a 160m2 brick built structure, to be used as boarding kennels, on an existing site which has an established use as an animal sanctuary 14 Jan 15 11 Mar 15
PA/2014/0985 Dsv Road, Eastfield Road, South Killingholme, DN40 3DR Planning permission for retention of six portacabins 5 Dec 14 30 Jan 15
PA/2014/1238 1 Ryehill Cottage, Killingholme Road, South Killingholme, DN39 6TZ Application for prior approval for a household extension 13 Nov 14 10 Dec 14
PA/2014/1014 Burkinshaws Covert, Total Lindsey Oil Refinery, Rosper Road, North Killingholme, Planning permission for construction of wildlife ponds and siting of cabins 7 Nov 14 14 Jan 15
PA/2014/1251 40 Top Road, South Killingholme, Immingham, DN40 3JF Planning permission to erect new garage and alterations to existing concrete out building (removal of balustrade and blocking up of entrance to out building roof top) 5 Nov 14 9 Jan 15
PA/2014/0909 Summergate House, Moat Lane, South Killingholme, DN40 3EU Outline planning permission for 4 dwellings 20 Oct 14 3 Jun 15
PA/2014/1139 1 Greengate Lane, South Killingholme, DN40 3HB Outline planning permission for a single bungalow 20 Oct 14 30 Jan 15
PA/2014/0832 Maritime House, Testex Mot Ltd, Lancaster Approach, North Killingholme, DN40 3JZ Planning permission to erect a single-storey extension to form store 6 Oct 14 2 Feb 15
PA/2014/0780 Land South Of, Staple Road, South Killingholme, Planning permission for temporary overspill car park 9 Sep 14 24 Nov 14