Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2023/823 RAF Kirton in Lindsey, B1400 from B1398 to B1205, Kirton in Lindsey, DN21 4HZ Hybrid application consisting of outline planning application of up to 220 dwellings, a building for Commercial and/or Community use with all matters reserved for subsequent approval, and full planning permission of 130 dwellings, 2 points of access, part of the spine road, provision of a pumping station and substation, engineering and ancillary works, demolition of existing building (with the exception of a listed building) and creation of development platforms throughout the whole site - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Viability Review 01/11/2023 - ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT: TECHNICAL NOISE NOTE AMENDED DESCRIPTION: Amended /additional Information: Amended landscaping planting plan for Phase 1, Viability for conversion of 2 H blocks, marketing information, amended FRA and Drainage Assessment, Amended Biodiversity Metric, Biodiversity Net Gain report, preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Bat Survey report, Technical Note- Asbestos in Soil. Technical Note Contaminated Land, Archaeological Mitigation Strategy, Amended Proposed Site Plan Hybrid, Amended Proposed Site Plan Phase 1, Amended Master Plan, Amended Land Use Plan, Amended Development Platform, Amended Proposed Drainage Layout, Amended Proposed Detailed Element of the Site Plan (internal Site Layout) Amended Proposed Drainage Catchment Areas, Existing and Proposed Buildings and Site Investigation (contamination), Feasibility Layout Existing Block H, Comments on highway matters, Vacant Building Credit details. 16 Jun 23 PA/2022/554 Raf Kirton In Lindsey, B1400 From B1398 To B1205, Kirton In Lindsey, DN21 4HZ Planning permission to install hardcore for temporary storage containers 18 Mar 22