Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2023/1051 Swinster Lane, East Halton, DN40 4NR Planning permission for change of use from agricultural building to self-contained dwelling, including demolition of existing storage building 30 May 23 PA/2023/652 Treresta House, King Street, Goxhill, DN19 7HZ Outline planning permission to demolish existing garage and erect a single dwelling with all matters reserved for subsequent consideration 26 May 23 PA/2023/688 Crosby Equestrian, Neap House Road, Gunness, DN15 8TX Planning application to demolish existing dwellings & erect 2 replacement dwellings AMENDED DOCUMENTS Proposed Site Layout 1459.05A Overall Dwellings Layout 1459.04A Proposed Dwelling Type 2 1459.03A Proposed Dwelling Type 1 1459.02A Existing Site Layout 1459.01A 24 May 23 PA/2022/1895 Equestrian Centre, Poultry Farm, Holmes Lane, Winterton, DN15 9UF Planning permission for the change of use of barn 2 to a sports club/kickboxing club including land for parking 24 May 23 PA/2022/1897 Equestrian Centre, Poultry Farm, Holmes Lane, Winterton, DN15 9UF Planning permission for the change of use of land, barns and other buildings to equestrian use including commercial riding lessons 24 May 23 PA/2023/797 Co-op Store, Spruce Lane, Ulceby, DN39 6UL Planning permission to vary conditions 2, 5 and 6 of PA/2021/1742 namely to allow for change of extraction system 24 May 23 PA/2023/1040 Klassic Field, Ings Road, Kirton In Lindsey, DN21 4BX Planning permission to erect outdoor gym equipment and a steel bench 22 May 23 PA/2023/581 28 Cross Street, Crowle, DN17 4LH Planning permission for replacement of windows and doors from wood to pvc 19 May 23 PA/2023/1026 Plot 3 & 4, Leys Lane, Winterton, Scunthorpe, DN15 9QT Planning permission for the change of use of land for the stationing of caravans and the erection of a dayroom for residential purposes, laying of hardstanding and other associated works 18 May 23 PA/2023/1008 8, Silica Crescent, Scunthorpe, DN17 2XA Silver birch - diseased and dead 17 May 23 PA/2023/334 Car boot sale site, Slate House Farm, unnamed road between Holme and Messingham, Holme, DN16 3RE Planning permission for the use of land as a market on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 17 May 23 PA/2023/1101 Wressle Wellsite, Lodge Farm, Appleby EIA screening request for proposed new wells and underground gas pipeline 17 May 23 PA/2023/1018 Cherry Tree Farm, Crowle Road, Eastoft, DN17 4PH Outline planning permission to demolish existing farm house and associated farm buildings to be replaced with seven dwellings with all matters reserved 17 May 23 PA/2023/642 Parkland, Cove Road, Westwoodside, DN9 2AY Planning permission to erect a single-storey side extension and internal works 16 May 23 PA/2023/1049 East Yorkshire Solar Farm on land northwest of Howden Proposed East Yorkshire Solar Farm Development Consent Order Application Statutory Pre-Application Consultation 16 May 23 PA/2023/631 land adjacent to Halkon Close, Luddington, DN17 4RD Planning permission to erect 9 dwellings 11 May 23 PA/2023/816 Gym, 7 Well Street, Messingham, DN17 3RT Planning application to vary condition 4 of PA/2020/1940 to allow six users at any given time 11 May 23 PA/2023/498 Warehouse, Marsh Lane, Barnetby Le Wold Planning permission to change of use of land to a private gypsy and traveller caravan site 10 May 23 PA/2023/757 6 Vicarage Gardens, Scunthorpe, DN15 7AZ Planning permission to erect a two-storey rear extension with pitched roof at the rear of the property and a single-storey side extension with pitched roof and garage extension 10 May 23 PA/2023/89 The Attendants House, Bull Hassocks Pumping Station, Idle Bank, Westwoodside, DN9 2BQ Planning permission to convert existing outbuilding to a residential annex 9 May 23