Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2023/1558 Priesthows, Butterwick Road, Scunthorpe, DN17 3PA Planning permission to erect two-storey dwelling with detached garage 22 Sep 23 PA/2023/1483 Pink Pig Farm, Holme Lane, Holme, DN16 3RE Planning permission for conversion of two redundant grain bins into two overnight accommodation pods. 29 Aug 23 PA/2023/1416 Hubblestrop Cottage, Access To Sand Vale Farm Off C223, Holme, DN16 3RF Planning permission for new garage and games room. 17 Aug 23 PA/2023/1334 Street Record, North Moor Road, Messingham, DN17 3PY Planning permission for the erection of single-storey brick built messroom/storeroom for fishing business. 14 Aug 23 PA/2023/781 land at former site of Priesthows, Butterwick Road, Messingham, DN17 3PA Planning permission for change of use and alteration/extension of the accommodation building (application reference PA/2022/341, for two residential mobile homes, two touring caravans and the erection of an amenity block) to a residential bungalow with one residential mobile home and space for two touring caravans 14 Jun 23 PA/2023/334 Car boot sale site, Slate House Farm, unnamed road between Holme and Messingham, Holme, DN16 3RE Planning permission for the use of land as a market on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 17 May 23 PA/2023/816 Gym, 7 Well Street, Messingham, DN17 3RT Planning application to vary condition 4 of PA/2020/1940 to allow six users at any given time 11 May 23 PA/2023/750 34 Church Street, Messingham, DN17 3SB Planning permission to erect a detached dwelling with new access to existing bungalow (including demolition of existing timber garage) 2 May 23 20 Jul 23
PA/2022/1629 Fields East Of, North Moor Road, Messingham Planning permission to create a wildlife pond and associated works - NEW DOCUMENT - Tree Comments 6 Oct 22 PA/2022/760 Car Boot Sale Site, Slate House Farm, Unnamed Road Between Holme And Messingham, Holme, DN16 3RE Proposed operation of a certified exempted camping and caravan site under paragraph 5 of the first schedule, Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 7 Apr 22 PA/2021/1034 Land north of Thistledowne, Scotter Road, Messingham, DN17 3QE Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to outline planning permission PA/2017/392 dated 15/06/2018 for six four-bedroomed detached dwellings and integral garages 6 Jul 21