Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2024/465 Brook Lea House, 20 Ings Lane, Hibaldstow, BRIGG, DN20 9PF Planning permission to erect two-storey side and single-storey rear and side extensions with internal alterations 22 Apr 24 PA/SCR/2024/4 Land adjoining Slate House Quarry, Redbourne Road, Hibaldstow EIA screening request for the extension of Slate House Quarry, Redbourne Road, Hibaldstow 9 Apr 24 PA/2024/325 Land south of Bells Drive, Hibaldstow Outline planning permission for a single two-storey detached dwelling with all matters reserved for subsequent consideration 2 Apr 24 PA/2024/359 The Old School House, Redbourne Road, Hibaldstow, BRIGG, DN20 9EE Planning permission to sub-divide a dwelling into two dwellings 28 Mar 24 PA/2024/348 9 TRAFFORDS WAY, HIBALDSTOW, BRIGG, DN20 9HZ Planning permission for two-storey rear extension, studio/garage extension and new driveway access and parking. 27 Mar 24 PA/2024/241 10 Gainsthorpe Road West, Gainsthorpe, Gainsborough, DN21 4JL Planning permission to erect self contained domestic annex 6 Mar 24 PA/2024/195 25 Redbourne Road, Hibaldstow, Brigg, DN20 9NU Planning permission to erect a single-storey front extension, two-storey rear extension, installation of windows to the first-floor side elevation and associated works 21 Feb 24 PA/2023/1855 Field North of, Ings Lane, Hibaldstow Planning permission to vary conditions 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 17 and 19 of PA/2020/248 namely to update drawings and details New Document - Ings Lane Drainage Method Statement 48492-ECE-XX-XX-RP-C-003 Amended Document - S104 Drainage Layout 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0003-P05 Amended Document - Surface Water Exceedance Plan - 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0004-P04 Amended Document - External Works - 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0005-P02 Amended Document - Adoptable Drainage Details Sheet 1 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0014-P02 Amended Document - Adoptable Drainage Details Sheet 2 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0015-P03 Amended Document - Attenuation Basin Details 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0021-P03 Amended Document - Manhole and Demarcation Schedules 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0022-P04 Amended Document - Longitudinal Section 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0023-P04 Amended Document - Plot Drainage 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0024-P08 New Document - S106 FW Drainage Connection 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0032-P02 New Document - Attenuation Basin Headwall Details 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0034-P01 Amended Document - MHS6 Flow Control Details 48492-ECE-XX-XX-DR-C-0035-P02 28 Nov 23 PA/2023/1418 Land to the west of Redbourne Road, Hibaldstow, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 9NN Outline planning permission with all matters reserved to erect an additional general purpose building together with an agricultural workers dwelling with associated garden land and construction of extension to existing agricultural building 27 Oct 23 PA/2023/1635 25 Woods Meadow, Hibaldstow, DN20 9ES Planning permission to construct four military aeroplane metal sculptures mounted on a lattice steel support and a dragon metal sculpture mounted on top of the flat roof of the car port 5 Oct 23 PA/2023/1338 Breezemount, Gainsthorpe Road West, Gainsthorpe, DN21 4JL Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed larger home extension 24 Aug 23 1 Nov 23
PA/2023/1218 Slate House Quarry, Redbourne Road, Hibaldstow, BRIGG DN20 9NN Erection and siting of a Concrete Batching Plant for the production of Ready Mix Concrete for the construction industry 7 Aug 23