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DISCO PA/2023/207

Applications for discharge of conditions are not open to public consultation and the Local Planning Authority will only accept responses from persons/organisations that have been formally consulted and requested to provide comments.

Application Details

Reference PA/2023/207
Proposal Application to discharge conditions attached to planning permission PA/2022/1332 (condition 3)
Relating to PA/2022/1332
Details of conditions to discharge

The council’s Environmental Protection Team have been consulted on the submitted information and raise no objection. This condition is discharged on the basis of the details supplied on the document’ Noise Impact Assessment’, dated 22/05/2023, ref: NP-009399, the document ‘Carbon filter specification’ received 10/03/2023, and the email chain titled ‘Supporting information’ containing noise details, received 10/03/2023.

Condition 3.
No plant shall be installed until a scheme for the extraction and filtration of cooking odours has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The scheme shall also provide details of the noise impact of any extraction and filtration system on residential amenities and the details of any noise mitigation measures necessary. The approved scheme shall be implemented prior to commencement of the use and maintained thereafter.

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Type Name Date  
Consultation Reply Environmental Protection 4 April 2023
Consultation Reply Environmental Protection 6 July 2023