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DISCO PA/2023/169

Applications for discharge of conditions are not open to public consultation and the Local Planning Authority will only accept responses from persons/organisations that have been formally consulted and requested to provide comments.

Application Details

Reference PA/2023/169
Proposal Application to discharge conditions attached to planning permission PA/2022/1459 (conditions 3 & 6)
Relating to PA/2022/1459
Details of conditions to discharge
The drainage scheme shown on the supporting drawings (10665/D/100 A01, 10665/D/102 A01 and 10665/D/103 A01) is considered to be acceptable and sufficient to discharge this condition.  Condition 3.
No above-ground works shall take place until a detailed surface water drainage scheme for the site has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The scheme shall be based on sustainable drainage principles and an assessment of the hydrological and hydro­geological context of the development. The drainage scheme shall demonstrate that surface water run­-off generated up to and including the 1 in 100 year critical storm (including an allowance for climate change), which should be based on the current national guidance, will not exceed the run­-off from the existing site. It shall also include details of how the resulting completed scheme is to be maintained and managed for the lifetime of the development so that flood risk, both on and off the site, is not increased. SuDS must be considered. Reference should be made to North Lincolnshire Council's SuDS and Flood Risk Guidance Document. Should infiltration not be feasible at the site, alternative sustainable drainage should be used, focusing on above-ground solutions.
The scheme of landscaping shown on drawing LDC3972-PC-01B is considered to be acceptable. This condition is hereby discharged. You should ensure the existing trees and hedgerows are sufficiently protected during the construction phase of development, as shown on the submitted drawing.  Condition 6.
No above-ground works shall take place until proposals for landscaping have been submitted to and approved by the local planning authority. The proposals shall include indications of all existing trees and hedgerows on the site, and details of any to be retained, together with measures for their protection during the course of development.

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Type Name Date  
Consultation Reply Lead Local Flood Authority 10 March 2023
Consultation Reply Tree Officer 16 February 2023