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DISCO PA/2023/1452

Applications for discharge of conditions are not open to public consultation and the Local Planning Authority will only accept responses from persons/organisations that have been formally consulted and requested to provide comments.

Application Details

Reference PA/2023/1452
Proposal Application to discharge condition attached to planning permission PA/2022/1122 (condition 7)
Relating to PA/2022/1122
Details of conditions to discharge
The councils Ecologist has been consulted on the submitted information and raises no objection. This condition is discharged on the basis of the details supplied in the documents Biodiversity Metric, received 08/11/2023, Appendix 2.6 - BNG Technical Report, received 27/10/2023, Appendix 2.2 Technical Note on Lighting Design, received 28/09/2023, Landscape Ecological Master Plan, dated 21/08/2023, and in the drawing Landscape and Ecological Design - Indicative General Arrangement, ref: 07641-100005-ELSHWW-XXX-PLG-Z-0020, dated 16/05/2022. Condition Within three months of the commencement of development at the Elsham Water Treatment Works and/or Elsham Pumping Station and Reservoir Site, the applicant or their successor in title shall submit a Biodiversity Management Plan to the local planning authority for approval in writing. The plan shall include:
  • Restrictions on lighting to avoid impacts on bat roosts, bat foraging areas, bird nesting sites and sensitive habitats,
  • Provision for hedgehogs to pass through any fencing installed between areas of grassland,
  • Proposals for the restoration of roadside verges on chalky soils to create lowland calcareous grassland,
  • Prescriptions for the planting and aftercare of native trees, shrubs/hedgerows and wildflowers of high biodiversity value,
  • Details to confirm that the measures proposed will provide a measurable net gain in biodiversity value of at least 10% in accordance with the Defra Biodiversity Metric 3.0,
  • Proposed timings for the above works in relation to the completion of the consented structures and pipeline,and
  • Proposals for ongoing management of created, enhanced and restored habitats for a period of 30 years.

The Biodiversity Management Plan shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details and timings, and the approved features shall be retained thereafter. Prior to the completion of the approved development, the applicant or their successor in title shall submit a report to the local planning authority, providing evidence of compliance with the Biodiversity Management Plan.

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