Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2019/1433 land rear of Homenook, Nethergate, Westwoodside, DN9 2DL Planning permission to erect dwelling and detached garage including associated works 12 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1490 land east of 39 Highfields, Crowle, DN17 4NP Outline planning permission to erect five dwellings with appearance, landscaping and scale reserved for subsequent approval 12 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1550 1 Lakeside Drive, Scunthorpe, DN17 2AG Application to fell a silver birch tree, situated and within W1 Tree Preservation (Common Plantation) Order 1967 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1556 Humberside International Airport, Franklin Way, Kirmington, DN39 6YH Planning permission to erect memorial stone 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1567 10 Egton Avenue, Messingham, DN17 3SY Planning permission for a single-storey rear extension, front porch and alterations to existing garage to form annex 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1560 The Foxes Den, King Edward Street, Belton, DN9 1QN Notification in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code (Conditions and Restrictions) Regulations 2003 (as amended) under Class A of Part 16 to install fixed-line broadband electronic communications apparatus 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1055 Workshop, Peat Works, Access Track Alongside Moor Middle Drain, Crowle, DN17 4BZ Planning permission for the siting and conversion of shipping containers to form a cafe, toilet, shop area and training/education room together with the installation of sewerage treatment plant 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1461 Osi Food Solutions Ltd, Luneburg Way, Scunthorpe, DN15 8LP Planning permission to formulate an array of ground mounted photovoltaic solar collectors including associated infrastructure 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1543 Sewage Works, Access Road To Sewage Works, Haxey, DN9 2NF Planning permission to replace access road bridge 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1481 land north of Stecking Drain, off West End Road, Epworth, DN9 1LD Planning permission to install mobile home as temporary agricultural workers dwelling 11 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1467 Humber Merchants Ltd, Parkinson Avenue, Scunthorpe, DN15 7JY Advertisement consent to display mounted v sign & 3 flagpoles with interchangeable flags 10 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1545 Dawson Poultry, Killingholme Airfield, Crook Mill Lane, Immingham South, East Halton, Doncaster, DN40 3JY Planning permission to erect 5 silos including associated biomass boilers and associated works 10 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1533 32 Outgate, Ealand, Crowle, DN17 4JD Planning permission to erect first floor rear extension 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1537 3 Proctors Way, Hibaldstow, DN20 9QF Planning permission to erect a two storey side extension following the demolition of existing garage 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1544 Whirlow, 26 Meredyke Road, Luddington, DN17 4RD Planning permission to erect single storey side and front extension 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1447 Ribston House, High Street, Barrow Upon Humber, DN19 7AA Planning application to erect a detached car port and re-roof part of the dwelling 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1534 Plot adjacent to Paddock View, West End, Garthorpe, DN17 4RX Outline planning permission for a detached dwelling with access submitted for approval 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1502 Pig Unit, Lodge Farm, Clapp Gate, Appleby, DN15 0DB Planning permission to erect three livestock buildings (including removal of existing buildings) 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/750 St Martin's House, Church Street, Owston Ferry, DN9 1RG Planning permission to erect an extension to eastern elevation 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined PA/2019/1578 4 Kirton Road, Greetwell, DN20 9PX Planning permission to erect single-storey rear extensions (including demolition of existing conservatory and games room) 9 Sep 19 Not yet determined