Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2016/1426 Wootton Hall, Vicarage Lane, Wootton, DN39 6SH Planning permission for the construction of 6 detached Eco Lodges within a walled garden area in conjunction with related alterations to an existing modern agricultural shed, and adjacent outbuilding, together with forming new openings in kitchen garden wall and associated works 7 Nov 16 Not yet determined PA/2016/1786 Unit 5 Wootton Hall, Vicarage Lane Wootton, DN39 6SH Listed building to carry out extensions and alterations 31 Oct 16 Not yet determined PA/2016/1424 Wootton Hall, Vicarage Lane, Wootton, DN39 6SH Listed building consent for formation of new arched opening to west wall at walled garden 26 Oct 16 Not yet determined PA/2016/1681 Keadby Power Station, Trent Side, Keadby, DN17 3EF Consent under Section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 to install a new electric overhead line 19 Oct 16 Not yet determined PA/2016/1303 57 High Street, Barton Upon Humber, DN18 5PG Listed building consent to replace windows and doors 2 Sep 16 Not yet determined PA/2016/1229 Oasis Academy, Henderson Avenue, Scunthorpe, DN15 7RW Non material amendment to PA/2014/1049 for alterations to external openings and car park lighting 10 Aug 16 Not yet determined PA/2016/780 Burton upon Stather Primary School, Flixborough Road, Burton upon Stather, DN15 9HB Advertisement consent to display a building mounted lettering and school logo signage externally illuminated with building mounted lighting 31 May 16 Not yet determined PA/2016/0013 88 90 Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe, DN15 7JW Application for prior approval to change the use from Shops (Class A1) to Assembly and Leisure Uses (Class D2) 5 Jan 16 Not yet determined PA/2015/1483 Rosemount, Manor Road, Bottesford, DN16 3PU Planning permission to retain alterations to existing dwelling. 18 Dec 15 Not yet determined PA/2015/1001 123 Warley Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1PW Application to fell a maple tree identified as T103 in and subject to Tree Preservation (New Brumby No 2) Order 1988 3 Aug 15 Not yet determined PA/2015/0628 Lincolnshire Lakes, M181 from M180 to A18, Burringham Hybrid application for full planning permission for new road and footpaths, informal areas of open space, parklands, play areas and new wildlife habitats, attenuation ponds, recreational lakes and wetlands community; and outline planning permission with all matters reserved for non-residential institutions (Use Classes D1 and D2), leisure facilities (Use Classes A1 and A3) and storage (Use Class B8) 24 Jun 15 Not yet determined PA/2015/0700 Flixborough Inn, High Street, Flixborough, DN15 8RL Prior approval for demolition of public house 9 Jun 15 Not yet determined PA/2015/0396 Lincolnshire Lakes, M181 from M180 to A18, Burringham Outline planning permission for the development of up to 2500 new homes including a village centre (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1 and D1), a health care facility (Use Class D1), community facilities (Use Class D1), a 3 form of entry primary school (Use Class D1), new roads and footpaths, informal areas of open space, play spaces and new wildlife habitats, water bodies and wetlands with all matters reserved for subsequent approval 22 May 15 Not yet determined PA/2015/0627 Lincolnshire Lakes, M181 from M180 to A18, Burringham Planning permission for highway works to deliver the new terminating junction to the M181 motorway (due to the de-trunked section of the highway to the north and south of the terminating junction) and the development of the eastern and western sections of the east west link road connecting to the B1450 Burringham Road 22 May 15 Not yet determined PA/2014/1135 Playing Field, North End, Goxhill, DN19 7JR Planning permission to construct a skate park 5 Dec 14 Not yet determined PA/2014/0568 South Axholme Academy, Burnham Road, Epworth, DN9 1BY Non material amendment to planning permission (PA/2013/1514) to change colour of external materials from green to blue (PLANNING FEE TRANSFERRED TO 2014/0664) 23 May 14 Not yet determined PA/2014/0217 Sandtoft Roof Tiles, Sandtoft Road, Belton, Westgate, DN8 5SY Application for a lawful development certificate for an existing use for the storage of products manufactured on site 7 Mar 14 Not yet determined PA/2013/1030 Church Of St Ethelreda, Coleby Road, West Halton, DN15 9AN Notice of intention of undertaking pruning works to line of Yew trees to remove obstruction of road and phone wires, within Alkborough Conservation Area 21 Aug 13 Not yet determined WD/2011/1529 , Old Cement Works, Gainsthorpe Road, Hibaldstow, Gainsthorpe, DN21 4JH Planning permission to erect a building for the use of composting materials 12 Jan 12 Not yet determined PA/1999/0698 North East Pallets, Units 18/19 Normanby Park Workshops, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 8QZ Planning Permission to vary condition 3 on application ref: 97/0764 (any external storage units within 6m of the western boundary will not exceed 2m in height) 15 Jun 99 Not yet determined