Planning Applications, Decisions & Appeals

Reference Location Proposal Valid From Decision
PA/2023/1558 Priesthows, Butterwick Road, Scunthorpe, DN17 3PA Planning permission to erect two-storey dwelling with detached garage 22 Sep 23 PA/2023/1563 Brookside Caravan Park, Stather Road, Burton Upon Stather, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 9DH Planning permission to erect an upgraded electrical substation 22 Sep 23 PA/2023/1572 1, Nice One, Back Lane, Winteringham, DN15 9NW Planning permission to replace roof tiles to existing dwelling. 22 Sep 23 PA/2023/1571 296, Ashby High Street, Scunthorpe, DN16 2RX Planning permission to change of use of building to a cocktail bar. 22 Sep 23 PA/2023/1554 1, Banbury Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1UL Planning permission for the erection of a gymnasium 21 Sep 23 PA/2023/1495 St Vincent House, St Vincents Avenue, Scunthorpe, DN15 8QT Application to determine if prior approval is required for the installation of solar photovoltaics (PV) panels on the roofs of non-domestic buildings 21 Sep 23 PA/2023/1555 Tavern Nurseries, Station Road, Graizelound, DONCASTER, DN9 2NJ Planning permission for change of use from agricultural storage / maintenance industrial building to vehicle repair services 21 Sep 23 PA/2023/1503 TELECOMMUNICATION MAST, ULCEBY ROAD, SOUTH KILLINGHOLME, IMMINGHAM, DN40 3JB Application for prior notification of proposed development for the removal of an existing 17.5m lattice mast and associated compound, and the installation of a replacement base station which includes a 30m lattice sharable mast, 6 no. of antennas, 2 no. dishes, 7 no. cabinets and other ancillary development 21 Sep 23 PA/2023/1504 Brigg Youth Centre, Grammar School Road, Brigg, DN20 8AF Planning permission for the demolition of disused community centre and the erection of two residential properties 20 Sep 23 PA/2023/1448 Industrial Chemicals Group Ltd, Dawes Lane, Scunthorpe, DN15 6UW Planning permission for change of use of land for B8 external storage 20 Sep 23 PA/2023/1560 79, Chestnut Way, Scunthorpe, DN16 2HA Planning permission to erect a single storey rear extension. 20 Sep 23 PA/2023/1519 Workshop, Justice Hall Lane, Crowle, Scunthorpe, DN17 4NF Planning permission to erect one pair of semi-detached houses 20 Sep 23 PA/2023/1529 Prospect Farm House, Prospect Lane, Alkborough DN15 9JG Planning permission to erect a dwelling 20 Sep 23 PA/2023/1494 Land between Nasza Chata and Fairlawns, Jericho Lane, East Halton, IMMINGHAM, DN40 3PZ Planning permission to erect a two-storey house and detached double garage 19 Sep 23 PA/2023/1492 The Willows, Whins Gate, Eastoft, DN14 8EB Planning permission for the erection of a portal framed outbuilding garage/workshop and relocation of a previously approved stable block 19 Sep 23 PA/2023/1512 58, Exeter Road, Scunthorpe, DN15 7AX Planning permission for changes to fenestration and install roof lights to west elevation, and infill existing kitchen window to south gable wall 19 Sep 23 PA/2023/1251 2, Lindsey House, Church Lane, Ulceby, DN39 6TB Application to prune a sycamore, identified as T11, subject to and within Tree Preservation (St Nicholas, Ulceby) Order 1984 18 Sep 23 PA/2023/1240 The Grange, Skitter Road, East Halton, DN40 3PX Prior approval for the proposed demolition of a brick-built asbestos-sheeted shed, three brick built stables, old tack room with tiled roof and to clear span asbestos covered yard 18 Sep 23 PA/2023/1386 49, Midland Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1DQ Planning permission to change use of building from industrial unit to restaurant with alcohol 18 Sep 23 PA/2023/1392 13, York Road, Kirton In Lindsey, DN21 4PS Planning permission to erect a summer house 18 Sep 23